A Beautiful Kansas City Courthouse Wedding Filled with Love

Courthouse weddings can take all kinds of forms, and they’re all great. If you end your day married to your person, then your day was a success. That will always be my belief. So here’s one wedding that took place on a hot Tuesday afternoon, in the middle of Olathe, KS, between photos at a theater and the courthouse and a neighbor’s house. It didn’t matter that it was a Tuesday afternoon. It didn’t matter that the ceremony was at the courthouse. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t a traditional wedding. All weddings are weddings. All marriages are marriages. All love deserves to be celebrated. And this celebration was no different.

So we had a first look at the theatre across the street from the courthouse because the parents of the groom are friends with the owner of the theatre. The bride and groom were able to see each other for the first time all day in a significant moment together. Then we did couple portraits under the shade of the porch. We then moved to the shade of the courthouse for some more couple portraits photos and family photos. We shot a ton and then got ready to go through security to go in.

We all put our things in the bins at security to go through. We weren’t able to take photos of this area, but we took our equipment through so we could photograph everything else. We made our way upstairs (with a quick snap of the happy couple getting on the elevator) to wait for the judge to summon everyone to his quarters. Once we were in, the wonderful judge told us we could take photos wherever we wanted to, so I took full advantage and even went up in the judge’s bench for a few shots.

Moral of the story: Courthouse. Church. Event Venue. Park. Beach. Community Center. Are you going to end your day married? That’s a wedding day to be celebrated. I don’t care what traditions you follow or you don’t.

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