Welcoming Baby Brother

I only have one kiddo, but I hear OFTEN that the transition from no kids to 1 is not nearly as hard as the transition from 1-2 kids. So…

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My 4th Business Birthday

Four years ago today, I had my first paid photo session. I was SO nervous. I had watched all kinds of photography videos. Looked up tips,…

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#ExistInPhotos Part 2

This series is all about celebrating the people who are usually behind the camera who make the choice to be in front of the camera, if…

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#ExistInPhotos Part 1

Here’s Part 1 of a series I’m really passionate about. It is so easy for us as parents, grown-ups, humans who are critical of ourselves,…

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Maternity Milk Bath Photos

Maternity milk bath photos are admittedly not for everyone. And that’s cool. But if you are interested in them, they can be so beautiful!…

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Winter Weddings are Wonderful

Everyone has their reasons for choosing a certain time of year for their wedding, but I feel like winter weddings have gotten a bad name,…

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