Christmas Mini Photo Sessions

For families that don’t want to send fall photos out on their holiday cards, or families who just want something different this year, Christmas Tree Minis are a wonderful option! There are so many possibilities for setups on a Christmas tree farm, or even just in a grove of evergreen trees. Any combination of holiday decor plus a place to sit – couch/blanket/crates/etc. – and a few props like holiday books, mugs with hot chocolate (or even empty!), or candy canes, and you’ve got yourself a mini that your clients will want to book!

Here are a few setups I’ve done in years past that I’ve loved!

A couch, a banner, a few blankets, some holiday pillows, a sled, wreath, and some Christmas books – I’ve gotten 3 years of Christmas minis out of them by just switching up a few things. And with just a few additions and changes, I’ll be doing a 4th year this year!

What are your favorite props to use for a Christmas Mini?

Let's create your special moments.

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