#ExistInPhotos Part 2

This series is all about celebrating the people who are usually behind the camera who make the choice to be in front of the camera, if only for one photo. It is so easy to stay behind the camera, especially as parents. We are the most critical of ourselves, but do we really think our kids will ever look at photos of us, either in the moment or in 5, 10, 30 years, and think that we didn’t look worthy of being in that photo? No. Absolutely not. So here’s a celebration and a reminder to #ExistInPhotos

I probably should have started this series with showing myself being a good example, but number 2 in the series will have to do. Here is my confession: I am a professional photographer, and I hate being in photos. I love the concept of having photos with me and my loved ones in them. But I never love how I look, and so I never get in front of the camera. But I loved this spot we found in our neighborhood, and I had taken photos of just my son there, and then I thought, you know what? I need to BE IN this photo. So I put myself in a dress I liked, curled my hair, and then went back out with my son and my husband, and I handed off my camera. I got it set up how I wanted it and told him to just get our faces in focus and I’d do the rest.

And honestly I love the photos I got from this 5 minute trek into the backyard. A couple years removed, I am much less harsh of a critic of myself, and I am just thankful I have these sweet photos with my son.

So whether you are booking the photo session with a professional, asking your best friend to come take some cell phone shots, handing your phone off to a stranger at the park, or taking selfies, remember to #existinphotos

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