My Must-Have Camera Gear (at the moment)

This is my non-comprehensive list of the photo/camera gear I’m loving right now! I’m skipping the very basics of which camera and which lenses I use, because that is largely based on personal preference, brand loyalty, the kind of photography you do, your budget, etc. So without further ado – here are my recent favorite photography ‘toys’!

  • Camera strap – I love this camera strap! It comes in tons of colors, it is sturdy and secure, it has VERY little discoloration after wearing it around a sweaty neck for nearly 2 years (unlike the polyester one I had that turned completely yellow), and I love being able to tell clients to look for the yellow floral camera strap around my neck if we have not previously met and we are meeting in a place where I expect there to be multiple photographers.
  • LED light – in situations where flash isn’t optimal (video, newborn photos, small spaces where flashes can be overwhelming, etc.), this light is a godsend. It is a constant light that allows you to control the brightness and white balance, and it sits in your camera’s hot shoe (although it has a rechargeable battery, so if you’re better served by situating the lighting off of your camera, you can do that, too, because you can also attach it to a tripod.)
  • Camera bag – this camera bag has been SO amazing as a professional photographer! It has padded velcro segments for the main compartment that allows me to reconfigure however I need and still make sure everything is protected. There is an open compartment at the top, plus two zipper compartments in the top and main section. There are two side exterior pockets and a padded compartment on the back for your laptop. I can fit my laptop, 2 camera bodies, 3-4 lenses, extra batteries, my SD card holder, a speedlite, lens hoods, my LED light, hand sanitizer, and miscellaneous items (I always have Smarties candy for bribes, extra contacts for myself, wet wipes for any messes, and any other little thing I might need). Plus the straps and back are padded, and there’s a waist strap, so for long wedding days, it seriously helps keep my back and shoulders from hurting.
  • Mag Mod Sphere – I know I’m not the first to suggest this, but this diffuser is amazing. It has a magnetic grip that goes on top of your speedlite and then the diffuser and grid connect onto that. If you are looking for a flash that looks natural, that doesn’t produce blown out highlights, that diffuses the light in a natural way, then the Mag Mod Sphere is for you. Mag Mod has several products that are all great, but this is the one that I use on a very regular basis and love every time I use it.
  • Light Reflectors – this is an inexpensive set of reflectors and skims that really help you to utilize whatever light you have in the way that’s best for your purposes. You can reflect light to even out lighting on a subject’s face, you can use the gold reflector to enhance a golden hour feel, you can use a skimmer to diffuse outdoor lighting, a black reflector to tone down highlights, etc.
  • External Hard Drive Holder – I live and breathe for my external hard drive, but for the longest time, I was just grabbing it with my laptop whenever I was moving around and hoping I didn’t drop the hard drive, disconnecting it, and compromising the data on it. So when I saw this holder on TikTok, I immediately went to buy it. It’s about $4 and I would have paid so much more than that for it.

This will definitely be a series because I have lots of fun toys to share!

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