Photo Education

If you’re interested in photography of any kind, you’re in the right place! Maybe you've had a digital camera sitting in the closet for years. Or you take it out on occasion but you're still shooting in auto mode because manual mode intimidates you. Or you know the camera settings pretty well and now you want to make the jump into starting a business, or selling your prints, or just improving on what you already know. Whatever your goals, Taylor Made Photo Education is here to help you reach those goals!

Why do I think you should trust me with helping you reach those goals?

Here’s a little about me: before I was a full-time photographer, I was a teacher. I have taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. I’ve also taught intro to photography courses as continuing education classes to teens and adults alike. The teacher’s heart has never left me, and that’s what makes me so excited to start offering online courses, eBooks, and virtual mentorships; it combines two of my passions in teaching and photography.


Free Resources

If you’re just getting started on your photography journey and you’re looking for a place to dip your toe in, check out some of the free resources I offer as well!

Let's create your special moments.

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