The Best Prompts for Natural Couples Photos

Here are some of my favorite go-to prompts to get couples to relax and be themselves in front of my camera so I can really show off their connection and love without making anything feel forced or unnatural.

  1. Give a bumpy piggyback ride

2. Whisper X in Y’s voice (examples: whisper your least favorite household chore in Batman’s voice; whisper your favorite breakfast food in Santa’s voice, etc.)

3. Airplane arms then wrap up in a hug

4. Give them a spin

5. Using your nose, draw a shape on their cheek and they have to guess the shape

6. Rapid fire kisses anywhere but their mouth

7. Bicycle arms while seated

8. Run up behind them and grab them like you’re kidnapping them.

9. Forehead to forehead and think about how much you love each other.

10. Lift from under the bum, look at each other, nuzzles noses or kiss

Let's create your special moments.

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