Unique Photo Sessions You’ll Love

I get it. Not everyone is into photos. And as important as they might be to you, it can be hard to get everyone on board. So instead of making everyone look at the camera and smile in stale poses if they’re not happy about it, why not think about some unique places to go or things to do for photos so that everyone’s focus is on the experience and not the act of taking photos? Here are a few of my favorite.

  • Adventure/vacation photos: everyone is happier when they’re exploring a new place or on vacation. So hiring a photographer to tag along and document the adventure, whether at the beach, in the mountains, at Disneyworld, or at the lake, is the perfect way to get beautiful family photos of you doing the things you love to do, in a natural way, in your comfort zone.
  • In-Home photos: if your kiddos are just always going to be more comfortable at home, why not embrace that?! In-home sessions are amazing for so many reasons: they show off your home; they allow everyone to be themselves and be comfortable; they allow for a no-shoes approach to the session; they allow for each kiddo to have their favorite toy with them. There’s no downside to in home sessions.
  • Lifestyle photos: these can be done anywhere, but the premise is that you are doing a typical family activity together for the photos. Do you regularly go to the lake? Book a photographer to come. Do you regularly play board games? Book a photographer to sit in on game night. Do you regularly go on family bike rides? Book a photographer to ride along with you. Do you regularly blow bubbles in the backyard? Book a photographer to document an evening of bubbles. Whatever is the ‘lifestyle’ of your family can be captured in photos.
  • Novel locations: have your kids been wanting to go to the science center, or the children’s museum, or the arboretum, or the farmstead, or the zoo, or the STEM museum, or the new playground, or the splash pad, the trampoline park, or WHEREVER? Book a photographer to come along and capture their excitement, you, the parents’, joy at watching their excitement, taking it all in together. Sure, you need to make sure the establishment will allow photography. But why not ask?

And if you have your own idea for a photo session that shows off your family and what you love to do together, find a photographer who is willing to make that idea come to life!

Let's create your special moments.

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