When You Write Your First Novel and Have a Release/Signing Party

My client’s email to me after receiving her gallery of her Novel Release Party:

“Consider hiring a photographer for the event.” -some pinterest board about the perfect book release party.

No no no.

Don’t consider it. Don’t hesitate or assume friends and family will take pics. They did, but these…

Hire the photographer. Hire the best photographer you know. Hire YOU!

Sydney! I love these!

Thank you so much for being there and doing this and just being you!!

Obviously any positive feedback after a session makes my heart happy, and I love hearing that clients are thrilled with their photos. But this one made me extra happy for a few reasons.

One: this is a client that became a friend. I absolutely love her and her husband. They have been such loyal clients, they’re always the easiest and most fun to work with, they refer people to me.

Two: this was a celebration of such a big accomplishment! She had a lifelong dream of writing a novel, and she DID IT. She wrote, edited, worked on/helped design marketing materials and covers, and did it all to get it published. Not only that, but she has another SIX novels in the works.

Three: I cannot explain how much it means to me when I get to capture various milestones in the lives of families who become friends. You’re engaged? I want to capture it. You get married? I want to capture it. You get pregnant and have a new kiddo? I want to capture it. You start a new job? I want to capture it. You WRITE A FLIPPIN’ NOVEL?! I want to capture it.

Megan is simply the best. She is the kindest, funniest, most authentic person. And she had a dream of writing a novel, and then she did it. Okay, she wrote a novel. That’s impressive. Oh, but then she worked with a designer to create cover art, marketing material art, and a whole marketing campaign? That’s impressive. Then she got the novel PUBLISHED and for sale on Amazon? That’s SO impressive. And then you see the Amazon reviews of people who read her book within a week of its release, and they say things like, “Meg should be on the Best Seller list!” Well, this book release party is something to be celebrated!

This is the greatest job in the world. I feel lucky every single day that I get to do this. I get to memorialize your highest highs, your happiest moments. I get to give you photos that help you relive your best moments.

And this was one example of a life highlight I was more than thrilled to memorialize.

Let's create your special moments.

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