Why You Should Do Something With Your Photos

We take photos to remember a moment, right? Remember a feeling, an experience with a special person, a big event, a time we felt our best, etc. These photos remind us of a moment we want to remember. Or moments we want to remember. Or people we want to remember. And so these photos shouldn’t just live on a phone or a computer hard drive because they should be a tribute to those moments, those relationships, those people. And tributes don’t belong on our phones or hard drives. We don’t always know when a moment, feeling, experience, event, relationship, or person will leave us. Do something with those photos so you can hold that close.

Here’s the deal: we all take tons of photos and videos on our phones, and then what do we do with them? Likely nothing. And you’re among the masses with that, so no need to feel bad!

But…so many phone photos and videos and no physical item to look at daily to remember those moments or people or relationships or experiences?

But there are ways to take your phone photos and videos and turn them into something more permanent so you can enjoy them forever. Let’s talk options.

  • Print (lower quality) photos of your month/year with options like Chatbook or Groovebook
  • Use short videos or Live videos (on iPhone) to use apps like 1SecondEveryday to create monthly and then yearly videos/slideshows of your memories
  • Make a yearly calendar with one high quality photo per month from the previous year (e.g. a photo from January 2021 for the January 2022 calendar photo)
  • Use a beautiful photo you have to make a mug/mouse pad/phone case/coaster/pillow/luggage tag to gift to a loved one
  • Create a high quality hardcover ‘family yearbook’ using multiple photos throughout the year
  • Print photos of various sizes to frame and display around your home, either on walls or counters or office desks or mantles or fridges
  • And even if you’re not doing any of these options, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you are backing up your photos. There are so many cloud options for backing up your photos, or you can send them to your computer and back them up on hard drives or external hard drives. The worst thing is having a photo you love on your phone, thinking it will always be there, but you’ve saved it nowhere, you’ve backed it up nowhere, you’ve printed it nowhere, and something happens to your phone. Please back up your photos!

Here are photos I loved from our son’s first few months of life that I will forever cherish. These are backed up in multiple locations, but they’re also in frames around our house, on coasters, on calendars, phone backgrounds, computer backgrounds, magnets, etc.

(Also, if you ever wonder where to print things, MPix is never a bad option. They are reasonably priced for EXCEPTIONAL quality and fast shipping. Plus they’re family-owned and local to Kansas. They’re amazing and I will never be able to speak their praises enough.

Let's create your special moments.

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