Winter Weddings are Wonderful

Everyone has their reasons for choosing a certain time of year for their wedding, but I feel like winter weddings have gotten a bad name, and I’m here to stick up for them. Will there be fewer outdoor photos? Most likely. But with the right photographer who knows lighting and how to use their equipment, you will still get beautiful images that make you forget it was freezing outside.

Anna and Grady showed me how in love they were at their engagement photos (also included below), and then their wedding was just the epitome of a day spent celebrating love. During the getting ready portion of the day, they were both so surrounded by joy and support. They didn’t do a first look, so we danced the dance of keeping bride and groom away from each other until the ceremony, and it was worth it. I love seeing the reactions of seeing someone’s person walking down the aisle.

So did we do any outdoor portraits? No. It was like 2 degrees outside. But Anna and Grady still got beautiful images of their most amazing day, and that’s what matters.

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