Your Kids Won’t Stand Still for Photos – AHH! (But without the AHH)

I’m a mother of a four-year-old. I’m a former elementary and middle school teacher. I’ve worked with kids and adults of all ages as a photographer for 4 years. So when your kiddos show up to a photo session with a lot of energy, or some resistance, or with their own agenda, or with curiosity about anything except taking photos, or with ants in their pants, PLEASE don’t stress. Honestly, I have the most fun at sessions where the kiddos have tons of energy and are all over the place! Don’t worry about your kiddo being a blur in photos. Don’t worry about them dancing or running or squiggling around. Whether it’s me or your photographer of choice, we know how to handle this.

Photos with a faster shutter speed. Photos with more natural interaction and less stand and pose. Photos where they’re allowed to be themselves. Photos where they get to choose the setting. Photos where they get to help make their parents smile from behind the camera. If you’re working with a professional photographer, we know how to get the cooperation out of them!

So instead of stressing, which will only stress your whole family out, just show up ready to go with the flow! Understand that your photographer has seen every kind of kiddo before. Understand they know how to adjust to different kinds of kiddos. And enjoy yourself.

Let's create your special moments.

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